i view that i have grown up watching always!!! Advertisements

After endless days of rain and fog the blue hills were finally at sight.

A Perfect Getaway   When we first boarded the jeep from Kanchan cinema hall, it was raining like there was no tomorrow. The disappointment of not being able to watch the view on the way to Kaffer was sky soaring. It engulfed my spirits in its dark dreary dampness. Fortunately by the grace of God […]

66 year old Rupert Grey knew it was “foolhardy” to ship his heritage of a car given to him by his father, the 1936 made Rolls Ryoce, to India then follow it  from England to roll it on the raw and dusty roads. But Rupert also knew that there was nothing more beautiful compared to […]

We all  here at Kalimpong are aware of the crazy weather we undergo so it is not abnormal to have spent the entire month of April submerged in rain and fog! It has dampened the feel of spring but at the same time it has given us an opportunity to linger a moth longer in […]

It is always intimidating to start something new. I t has almost been more than three months that I had been postponing the idea of having a blog of my own! As we all know it is always easy to say “I will do it tomorrow” as it implies that we do have the intention […]